Monday, December 21, 2009

19: Feed the Birds and 20 & 21: Tour & Award Christmas Lights

Whew! We are totally out of order on our Christmas Countdown, not to mention we took a weekend hiatus from the Advent wreath. Our excuse is the kids were at Grandma's and we were gone for a large chunk of the weekend. But now it's Monday, Christmas Day is in sight, and I'm catching up on our Countdown.

First up, we didn't feed the birds on Saturday. Or Sunday. We didn't get around to it until today. The kids opened the back door and tossed bread crumbs chunks on the patio. We haven't checked to see if it's been eaten, but hopefully our feathered friends appreciate the effort.

Last night, we fed and bathed the kids early, dressed them in their "kuh-gammas" (Jackson's pronunciation), then loaded them into the car for a Christmas light tour. Since tonight's schedule is already packed with gymnastics and Girl Scouts, we brought a trophy with us to award to someone last night too.

We drove by a house near us that has LOTS of those inflatables in their large yard. Guess who we saw on the driveway? Santa, Mrs. Claus, and two elves. We had to u-turn and go back to see them again, and then we rolled down our windows and shouted to them. Can you see Santa in the photo? It was such a fun surprise!

We went to three different displays in our area. You know, the ones that are on someone's house and attached to a computer that makes them sync with music? I read Randall's blog the other day and found out about this light display near us. Turns out this family goes to our church too.

(Please forgive the out-of-focus shot. I promise there are better photos at the website link above! I would also upload a video we took, but there are also cool videos on their website too.)

We watched the first song, then Katie asked if we could deliver a trophy to the family's front door. She and I knocked and the mom answered, and I recognized her as a singer at church. We told her how we heard about their light display, and we got to meet her husband and two boys. Then we gave them their trophy and told them how much we liked their lights, and the mom said she was about to cry. They asked how long we might be there and told us to wait a few minutes and they'd bring hot chocolate to our car. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? They put on a light display and then make us feel so welcome!

We got three hot chocolates, one of which Katie dripped all over me. I actually giggled about this because I had already spilled communion on my lap that morning at church, and now I had hot chocolate on me too. Yes, it was the same outfit because I never had time to change after church, and the grape juice wasn't very noticeable anyway. What a lucky girl I am! The grace of Jesus spilling all over me in the morning and the hospitality of kind hearts dripping on me in the evening.

I'd call that a pretty successful day.

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Gina said...

There is a display by our house that is supposed to be really cool. But we might have to check that out too! Thanks! You are always so full of great ideas!


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