Thursday, December 3, 2009

3: Hang a Kissing Ball or Other Item

When Katie first read this Christmas Countdown item, she thought it was gross and "eww, yucky!" She IS six, after all, and kissing is both mysterious and icky to her. Once I explained mistletoe and that the kissing isn't more than a peck and a way to show your love for your family, she was on board.

We picked a beaded Christmas tree ornament off our tree and strung it up in our two-story foyer. We dubbed it the "Kissmas Tree." For the next hour, we must have kissed each other at least 50 times. Katie would stand under it, then I would, then Jackson would. Dan played the role of kisser more than kissee. It was so much fun to run underneath it and wait for one of the kids' sloppy kisses.

The photo shows Katie standing under it, waiting patiently. I should keep the Kissmas Tree up all year!

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Gina said...

That's cute. I need to do that. :)


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