Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22: Donate Toys (Plus a Second Try for #18)

Task #22 on our Christmas Countdown was actually kind of nice. Katie and Jackson started in the basement and picked out toys they don't use anymore. Then they moved to our main floor, and ended in their rooms. I gave them a box to fill up, then left them to their own devices.

Katie showed me the box when they were done. It was interesting to see the random items they picked to donate. Not surprisingly, I had to sort them into new piles of "Keep Anyway" and "Don't Keep." And the "Don't Keep" had a subcategory of toys we can pass down to our neighbors who are expecting their first baby in April.

We left the house and took a trip to Goodwill and donated the box of toys. I'm proud of the kids for making room for new toys, and for letting go of some of their old treasures.

Later tonight, Katie helped me make dinner too. We bought all the ingredients for our snowman pizzas last week, so we decided to eat them tonight. Jackson refused to eat even one bite, but the rest of us enjoyed the quick and easy meal.

Here's a link to task #23.

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Gina said...

We do the same thing with the toys. And my mom and her husband are coming over tomorrow to make pizzas. I just might have to help Lo make his into a snowman! ;)


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