Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fourteen Years and Fifteen Times

That first time, 14 years ago, you swore to me that you would have me and hold me, in sickness and in health. That you would love me and cherish me until death. You pledged your faith to me, and I pledged mine to you.

You've done that fifteen "official" times now with every anniversary we've celebrated, but you've done it countless times in countless ways since that first time. Because even the small things you do are still love letters to me:

The way you will get up in the middle of the night with one of our babies so I can sleep. The way you just smile and let me work myself into a tizzy over silly things. The way you know just when I need you to hold me and let me cry. The way you step out of your car when you get home from work, and walk towards me like I am your home base. The way you will drive me through a park to take photos just because you know it will help calm my spirit. The way you will volunteer to grocery shop when I've reached my daily limit of chaos. The way you love to grill and provide meals for us. The way you get up every morning and do the daily grind so you can take care of me and the kids. The way you just show up, ready and eager to help.

From the very first date to our most recent one tonight, you have been more than I ever dreamed you might be. And the best part? You aren't even remotely like I dreamed, because you're a thousand times better. You are just one more example in my life of how God has taken my dreams and blown them out of the water with something even I didn't know I needed:

Love. Unconditional love. Grace. Strength. Patience. Passion.

You, my sweet Dan, are all of those to me. Always and forever. And I am so blessed. Happy 14th anniversary.

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