Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1: Take a Family Photo

First on our Christmas Countdown list is this task: take a family photo to mark the beginning of the season.

We took our photo after dinner tonight. (I love our camera remote!) We lit our Advent wreath, opened the envelope marked "1" in our Countdown book, then read an Advent story and sang "Jesus Loves Me." This was a candid photo taken at the "He is strong..." part of the song. Katie likes to demonstrate "strong."

Tonight, we also added a new feature to our Advent wreath time. I bought one of those cardboard Advent countdown things that has chocolate inside each door. The kids LOVED it, of course. I explained to them that the chocolate is sweet to remind us how sweet Jesus is to us and how much He loves us.

In less than an hour, four new friends are coming to our house for our first Advent Conspiracy small group meeting. I am excited to meet these new people and experience Advent with them.

Next on the list: #2.

1 comment:

Jeff and Brandi said...

I am inspired (and a little bit jealous) of your creativity! It's awesome


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