Wednesday, December 23, 2009


$34.53. That is how much my daughter and her friends donated to Living Water tonight. They had a lemonade stand this summer and made bracelets and ornaments this winter. Thanks to the generosity of so many friends and family, the kids collected $34.53 to give at church tonight. Our church donates the entire amount collected at the Christmas services to Living Water.

When Katie and I counted the total on Sunday, she had a little more than $27. I added an extra $3 to make it even, and reminded her that $10 can give someone clean water for the rest of their life. I asked her how many $30 will save, and she said, "Three people, Mommy!" She squealed and jumped up and down, then hugged me in her excitement. Then on Monday, she sold the last of the bracelets and had an extra $4 to add to the pot.

A few weeks ago at church, the kids ministry helped all the kids make containers to use for collecting money. Katie's was a large chip container, like a Pringles can. She put the $34.53 in her can and lugged it into church with us tonight at an early Christmas service. Katie was so excited because we let her go into "Big Church" with us instead of putting her in class. When the offering bag was passed, she popped the lid off her can and dumped the entire amount into the bag. And, man, was it heavy! She also included a note for God, telling Him how much she loves Him - and asking Him to help Jackson "be a good boy." That made me chuckle.

Katie refused to put her Pringles can in the offering bag because she wants to save it and collect more money this year to donate next Christmas.

Thank you, Lord, for Katie's pure and giving heart!

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