Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First "Real" Haircut

Jackson had his first real haircut today. And by "real," I mean it's the first haircut he's had that was not on our driveway. The first haircut by a paid professional.

I was amazed at how quietly he sat while Miss Laura cut his hair. When we try this at home (with electric clippers, NOT real scissors), he fusses quite a bit. But today, he was a champ!

At the end, Miss Laura gave me a cute "First Haircut" certificate and a lock of Jackson's hair. Then he flashed a happy smile and greedily sucked his lollipop. Good job, Bubbers!


Sheryl said...

How cute is he... dang it... look how light his hair looks!!

Gina said...

Can Logan and I tag along on your next haircut? He is absolutely petrified of haircuts! Jackson looks adorable!


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