Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Blog

I started blogging in 2008, with this post. I had a few general ideas in mind for blogging, but didn’t have what I’d consider focused intention. I thought I’d just give it a try and discover what I had to say by saying it.

There are lots of meaningful reasons to blog – it’s fun, I like to write, I like meeting people, I like sharing ideas, I like getting feedback, I like having a place for family & friends to keep tabs on us – but I could find other outlets (besides blogging) to satisfy those reasons. Facebook does a  pretty good job with most of those!

No, my main reason for blogging is this: it’s for my kids.03

My parents died when Katie was one year old. That means they haven’t been around to guide me or answer questions about the sorts of things I did when I was little. I’ve wanted to ask them dozens of questions like: how old was I when I potty trained? What did you do to break up sibling fights? How did I learn to ride a bike? Were you ever afraid of losing me? What’s the best tip you have for handling nightmares?

But my parents are gone and there are no answers from them. I’m left to fly by the seat of my pants, weigh pros and cons with Dan, ask my sister for advice, and follow my friends’ tips and tricks.

I would LOVE to read my mom and dad’s blog. OH, yeah… that’s right. They didn’t write one. So I’m writing one for my kids.

One day, they may raise kids of their own. I pray I am there to witness that and give them advice, and hopefully get a few chuckles as I watch them get payback for the debts they are incurring now. (I can’t wait to see my grandkids’ tantrums!) But if I’m not around if/when Katie has postpartum depression or Jackson’s child rides a bike without training wheels for the first time, I know they’ll have Six Golden Coins to read so they can understand what my life was like with them. And, mostly, so they can understand they aren’t going through anything I didn’t go through… and we all survived – even the rough spots.

This blog is my gift to Katie and Jackson. I try to be honest but not embarrass them, and I try to chronicle their days, my marriage, my faith, and the joys and sorrows of this beautifully glorious life. I write knowing they will read it some day. And I hope, above all else, they feel the love that comes with each post and feel honored to be at the center of Six Golden Coins.

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