Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Katie Stamp!

Santa came to today at the Christmas party for my mom's group. He brought Katie one of the coolest presents! It's a rubber stamp with Katie's face on it!

I asked Santa about it, and this is what he told me. He ordered it from an elf named Anna-Mae at Here's a link to the specific page on photo stamps. She used a photo of Katie, plus a scan of Katie's name that she wrote in her own handwriting, and made the stamp. It's mounted on clear acrylic, so Katie can see the placement of the stamp before she imprints on paper. The stamp can also be removed from the acrylic block for use with other stamps or for cleaning. It'll stick itself right back on when you're ready.

Here's a photo of Katie with the stamp, the impression in her new High School Musical journal, and an odd smile (she likes to stick her tongue through the holes where she has lost her teeth).

Santa says Anna-Mae was very fast with the order, and had a good price. I thought I'd just pass along this great info in case you still need a unique gift idea!

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