Thursday, December 10, 2009

10: Wear a Santa Hat All Day

Alright, time to put the brakes on this joyride. We hit task #10 on our Christmas Countdown and I realized we are going about this all wrong! What we need to be doing is reading the countdown the night before the specific day. We should have read #10 last night so we would be prepared to wear Santa hats all day today. Oops. My bad.

Tonight, we read the task and then put Santa hats on for dinner. The goal is to wear them all day tomorrow. And I realized that Jackson's hat is too small now (isn't that a sad little milestone?), so tomorrow I will buy him a hat that fits! He squeezed the old one on anyway, and it smashed his forehead into his eyes. It's still pretty darn cute.

Katie tried to squash hers on her head too.

And to make sure we are on the ball tomorrow, we skipped ahead and read the countdown task and we are ready for our red and green!

Click here to see how #11 turns out.

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