Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Six Golden Coins by Martin Buxbaum

Within a hidden pocket of
A baby’s tiny soul
God’s hand reached in and gently placed
Six coins made of gold.
“I give to each some gold,” said He
And he who does not spend
Will find that only lead remains
Upon his journey’s end.”
I passed the years in childhood
In laughter, love and fun
When I stepped across to manhood
I heard Him saying, “One.”
In pale moonlight I held her close
Her eyes were deepest blue
My heart beat out, “I love her, God!”
He smiled, and answered, “Two.”
One night she whispered, “Yes,” that she
Would be a wife to me
My heart sang to the heavens
And His pleasant voice said “Three.”
Our first child brought me happiness
I’d never known before
And as I knelt to thank Him
I heard Him whisper “Four.”
Years passed and then my grandchild
Made an old heart come alive
And warm His voice that murmured
“That was coin number Five.”
When I spend the last He gave me
It’s then I know I’ll see
The Kingdom of the One who gave
Those precious gifts to me.

I can't mention my dad (see my previous post) without including his favorite poem, "Six Golden Coins" by Martin Buxbaum.

I used this poem to tell him I was pregnant with Katie. I gave Dad a gossamer bag that held six golden coins (those Sacajewa dollars) and a copy of the poem. When I returned home from that visit, he sent me a letter saying, "You are wonderful! Your news has made 'an old heart come alive.' Thank you! Every child is special and every grandchild somehow fills a 'hidden pocket.' You have made mine heavy with joy and abiding happiness." Dad and Maureen (my stepmother) were at the hospital when Katie was born. Dad held her for the first time, then handed her back to me with that same gossamer bag tucked into Katie's blanket.

I also tucked a copy of the poem in his coat pocket as he lay in his casket. And every time I visit his grave, I tuck another gold coin into the ground around his headstone.

When Jackson was born, my sister was in the operating room. I put one of Dad's golden coins (from the gossamer bag) into a special coin charm holder, and my sister pinned it to her scrubs. So, in a way, Dad was there for the delivery too. On the way home from the hospital with Jackson, my sweet husband turned on Dad's CD in the car, and we listened to him read "Six Golden Coins."

I decided to name my blog after this poem. We are all given a precious gift at birth, and all have the ability to "spend" that gift as we grow and learn, laugh, cry, and love. I pray that the way I choose to spend my coins is pleasing to God, and makes the best use of what He gave me.

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extraordinarymommy said... got me. That post made me cry. Seriously. Real tears. For all that I do know about you, about your family, about your dad, I didn't know he loved to read poems aloud, that you had a copy of him doing so (that is heavenly), how you told him you were pregnant, or this beautiful tradition of 6 Golden Coins. When I first opened your blog, I wondered about the name. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Your writing is wonderful....keep on it!

Kate Prado said...

I am the youngest daughter of the late Martin Buxbaum and was so happy to see his verse, Six Gold Coins, being used. It is one of my very favorites. (I was the sixth child out of his eight chilren.)

Thank you for allowing his words to continue to be shared with others. He was truly as sweet and tender as the many things he wrote.

God Bless-
Kate Buxbaum-Prado

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem. I've been searching Google for about a year trying to find a posting involving golden coins and Jesus. My reason for my search is because a few years ago I was in the Spirit and in PARADISE. Jesus appeared to me and 2 other young women (but it was as if we were child-like). Jesus came to each of us individually and gave golden coins. When he came to me, he just looked at me with such a lovingness (his eyes were just love), and he gave me 5 golden coins. I've been trying to figure out the meaning and it reminded me of the passage in the Bible when he gave the 3 men golden coins and one of them (1 coin) did nothing with his coin (he buried it)... Anyways, I like the meaning of this poem, and believe this is what it means. God Bless You and may you have favor in Him.


Captain Ralph said...

Six Golden Coins is one of my all time favorite poems. I first came to know it in the 1970s. Even now I can recite most of it without reading it and it still brings a tear to my eyes. Great piece of poetry.
Ralph Barker, Ellijay, GA


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