Saturday, December 12, 2009

12: Compliment Three People

I wasn't overly heavy-handed with compliments on day 12 of our Christmas Countdown, but I did use my words to show my love and appreciation!

The last compliment I gave for the day was the one I said to Dan as I fell asleep: "You did an amazing job today." That's because he cooked a full dinner for six adults and seven kids, on top of entertaining Jackson AND cleaning the house AND setting the furniture and tables up for the meal. Today was our annual Journey to Bethlehem, and I took Katie while Dan and Jackson stayed home. We met up with Dan's childhood best friends and their wives and families, and walked the Journey. We came home to a full meal prepared by Dan: ribs, corn, garlic bread, fried okra, french fries, baked beans, hot dogs, and fruit. Yes, it was a heart attack waiting to happen. But, yum!!!

I also gave a compliment to Katie when she and I went shopping for a Christmas dress. We are seeing Santa tomorrow at our neighborhood clubhouse, and she needs something nice to wear. We went to Kohl's and tried on outfits, and I told her how beautiful and grown-up she has been looking lately.

Another compliment? When I rocked Jackson before his nap, I whispered in his ear about how sweet he is and how he's my Sugar Boy. Some days I just want to eat him up and other days he makes me a little crazy.

I didn't stop at just those three compliments. When our friends came over for dinner, they brought AMAZING desserts with them. If you've ever been around me when I eat something I really REALLY enjoy, you know that I am very vocal about my enjoyment. So when I ate the tiny little parfaits that my friend Michelle made, I was groaning and sighing over how awesome they were. And when I ate the humongous cookies that Eric made, fresh from the oven, I was about to fall out of my chair. My compliments were in overdrive as I told them how amazing their baking abilities are. YUM!!!

I hope you're all spreading Christmas cheer wherever you can!

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