Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9: Secretly Do Something Nice

Well, it wasn't a secret because it was in broad daylight, but I took the time during a FREEZING and windy cold day to collect abandoned shopping carts in the Michael's parking lot. One of my pet peeves is when people bring a shopping cart to the parking lot and then just leave it in the middle of the lot once they've loaded their purchases in their car. The carts can roll into other cars or get blown into them by the wind, which I'm pretty sure happened today. It was a windy day in our area! Hopefully my corralling of the carts helped save someone's car from door dings today.

While out shopping, I made it a point to hold doors for people. And when Jackson was with me, he gave candy canes to other shoppers. I coached him to say "Merry Christmas," but he clammed up when it came time to perform.

Another part of #9 on our Christmas Countdown was to leave a surprise in the mailbox for our postal carrier. We worked on that surprise tonight, and it will go in the mailbox first thing tomorrow.

Katie wrote him a letter, and I slipped in a handmade ornament and a Starbucks gift card in hopes that coffee or hot chocolate will keep him warm on the job. Yesterday, it rained a lot in our area. I happened to see the mailman pull up in his truck and prepare to hop out and deliver a package to my door. I opened my front door and waited on the porch for him, but didn't run out because I was shoeless. He saw me, turned around to get the mail from the mailbox, and then delivered it all by hand to me. I thanked him and he said there's no use in both of us getting wet. Service with a smile. So I hope his day is brightened tomorrow when he comes to our mailbox.

Lastly, I'm sending some canned goods to school with Katie tomorrow for the food drive they are holding at school.

Did you secretly do anything nice for someone today?

Task #10 is next.

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Gina said...

What a great idea. I'm stealing that for our mailman for sure. And who doesn't love Starbucks???


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