Sunday, December 13, 2009

13: Call a Family Member

Well, this one was easy peasy. We talked with Katie about which family member she should call today, and her first choice was Uncle Mike. We planned to do it in the afternoon during Jackson's nap. But before we got around to it, Uncle Mike actually called us!

Katie chatted with him for a while, then the phone got passed to me because he needed some Christmas gift ideas for the kids.

And, really, that's all there was to it. I thoroughly liked this task on our Christmas Countdown, because it was so simple and just fell right into our laps. I needed a break today!

Head on to #14.


Gina said...

That's weird! Does he call all the time, or were you just on the same wavelength today?

Donna said...

I am loving reading about your Christmas countdown. I bet the kids will be disaapointed when its all over. Maybe you'll have to do an Easter coutdown next year!


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