Friday, December 18, 2009

18: Make Snowman Pizzas

Number 18 on our Christmas Countdown didn't happen. Nope. No snowman pizzas at our house. Instead, we ignored the Countdown in favor of a new tradition.

Last year, Katie and I went to see The Little Drummer Boy at Grace Church. She and I loved it so much that we really wanted to take Dan and Jackson to see it this year. I forgot that it was this weekend, and realized this morning that tonight might be our only chance to go. So, we quickly figured out the logistics and went tonight. Dan met us there after work, and I brought LOTS of supplies for the kids to play with while we waited for the show to start. (You have to get there early to get a seat, so there was lots of waiting.)

We were NOT disappointed. Even Jackson liked it, although his attention span is pretty short. (Thankfully I remembered to bring a dry erase board to entertain him during the slower parts of the show.) Here's a clip of one of their final numbers. They lowered huge drums from the ceiling, and had the full cast banging away on the stage as well.

Maybe we'll do the snowman pizzas another night!

The next three tasks got lumped in together. Go here to read about them!

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Gina said...

Was there lots of drumming the whole show? L is obsessed with drums!


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