Wednesday, December 16, 2009

16: Be a Drive-Through Angel

Oh, how I love this task on our Christmas Countdown. Heck, I love doing it all year long, not just at Christmas!

There's something so liberating and magical about pulling into the drive-through and watching in my rear-view mirror to see who might pull up behind me. I place my order, then pull up to pay. I tell the cashier, "I'd like to pay for the person behind me." Sometimes this delays the line a little because the cashier might have to get special approval to run my credit card twice (this always happens at McDonald's), but I'm patient. Once I've paid, I hand the cashier a little note to give to the driver behind me. I printed a bunch of these on the computer and I keep them in my car for moments like this. The notes say "Life is hard. God is good. You are not forgotten. Pass it on."

Do you think that's cheesy? I'm always nervous about handing over that note, thinking it might be too cheesy or seen as pushy. But, oh well, the bell can't be unrung.

I pull forward, get my food from the second window, and watch in my mirror as the driver behind me gets a confused look on his face when he realizes his food has cost him nothing. And then I see the smile break out, and I usually wave as I pull out of the drive-through.

It's a GREAT feeling.

I have this silly little fantasy that one day, the person behind me will truly pass it on and pay for the person behind him and so on down the line. Think how awesome that would be!

Move on to snowflakes and #17 here.

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Gina said...

That one made me cry. (I've been weepy...stressed and weepy...all day)! I am going to do that. I'll post about it, I promise.


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