Thursday, December 17, 2009

17: Make Snowflakes

Today is a busy day for us. It's Katie's half-birthday, we had a special trip to see Santa with my mom's group, Katie had a playdate at her friend Anna's house for the first time, Jackson gave up one of his biggest crutches (more about that in a separate post), and I have a lupus eye exam tonight. All of this is to say that there isn't much time to make snowflakes today.

However, I made sure we squeezed in #17 on our Christmas Countdown. I don't want to skimp, y'all! So this morning between breakfast and loading the car to go see Santa, I asked Katie to cut a few snowflakes from coffee filters. Here's one of her creations:

I really love the look of delicate paper snowflakes. Katie and I made a bunch last year, which we saved and hung in our windows again this year. They are the cheapest and simplest way to decorate for the holidays. This year, we have a few intricate ones that we made after our trip to the City Museum. We bought a snowflake pattern book there and made some pretty cool ones. Here's a butterfly I made last year.

And here's a squirrel from this fall.

The pattern book is called How to Make Animal Snowflakes by Marion Nichols.

Want to try your hand at one of Marion's snowflakes? Here's a link to one of her designs, online. Enjoy! P.S. One little tip from Marion when we were at the City Museum: use toenail scissors to get into the tiny designs.

#18 didn't go as planned. Click here to read more.

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Brina said...

I remembered this from last year and wanted to see it again...Quinn and I got into making 3d snowflakes last year and I wanted to see if you knew of any other patterns than this one:


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