Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a Parrothead!

Yay! It's official! I attended my first Jimmy Buffett concert, and had a BLAST! See us in the photo? Jimmy Buffett is on the TV screen above my right shoulder. The concert is truly a phenomenon. Tons of people come from all over to hear the great Jimmy sing, and party in the parking lot. The only time I've ever seen anything close to this was the tailgating for a Kansas City Chiefs football game. But people at a Buffett concert are so much nicer. We made friends with our parking lot neighbors, and got to know lots of other people waiting in their cars in the traffic after the concert.
I love that Jimmy Buffett sang his classics, plus some other great songs like "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. Unfortunately, Dan and Sean were getting drinks for us, so I didn't get to dance with my hooney for that song, or for "Cheeseburger in Paradise." But I did get to dance with my friend Beth, and it was fun just standing in our barefeet on the lawn, waving our arms and dancing.
The highlight of the night was singing "Fins" with the other ten thousand (or God knows how many) people there. It was a sight to behold: the stage lights turned on the crowd as we all raised our arms and made fin shapes above our heads, and turned the fins to the left and then to the right. Oh, what fun! I can't wait to see Buffett again!
Now I need to update my Bucket List scrapbook. Who knows what I'll do next. Maybe I'll post my list on my blog, and let y'all decide for me. Yeah, right!

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