Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Public

So, I haven't officially gone public with my blog yet. I've told about seven people so far, and it turns out that someone else randomly found me after my post about the soldier's funeral last week. So I guess eight people know about it now. (How are you eight doing? Ha, ha...)

I have no idea why I'm afraid to go public. (Oops... almost typed "pubic." That's funny!) I have to admit I'm a little nervous. What if people don't like what I write? Because putting something heartfelt out there for people to read is kind of like asking them to truthfully tell you if your butt is big. I know it is, but I just want you to humor me and assure me it's not. But if someone out in the public doesn't know me, they aren't going to be kind and gentle like the eight of you. (Well, make that seven... my sister can be pretty snippy with me. Right, Mary?! Just yanking your chain.)

And there's also the issue of hurting someone's feelings. I have certain friends that might get annoyed if I write something like, "We had so-and-so over for dinner." Because if those people weren't invited, they would get offended. But I'm not writing this blog for them - I'm writing it to keep a record of my life and my family's life. And I think I'd also like to use this blog as a way to practice and hone my writing because (and this is scary to put out there because you might hold me to it!) one day I think I might like to write for a living. Maybe write in a magazine or write a column or maybe I'll go crazy and even write a book. Of course, that's WAY down the road when the kids are older. God knows I can barely even write this blog and still keep my house from going insane. I only get them to nap for an hour, y'all! Time is precious!

So, for now, I am slowly telling people about my blog. One person at a time. Because why write if no one's reading it? (Am I really that vain? Ouch.)

I was about ready to send out a mass email to my address book and announce it, but Dan cautioned me to wait a bit and let it all settle. He's right, as usual. Gotta get my butt ready for everyone to judge and tell me just how big it truly is.

Please be nice.

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Anonymous said...

Proud of you, my friend! Nice work. I've added you to my blogroll :)


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