Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump Day

We started off this week pretty rough. Monday was pretty blah. Probably because Jackson woke 3 times Sunday night, and then decided to scream starting at 5:40am until I got him at 6:50am. Screaming doesn't usually start my day off well.

Monday afternoon was a downer too. It was just one of those days when I needed time to myself, but naptime ended early and I was so frustrated to have to stop my Alone Time and start being Mommy again. I called Dan at work, crying like a weenie for being so needy and weak. Then I loaded the kids up for a walk. Although it was a teeny bit chilly, the walk did wonders for my attitude. I prayed and walked, and all I could hear was, "Shhh..." as the wind rustled the tree leaves. I told God my frustrations and heard, "Shhh..." over and over. It was kind of like my mom used to do, just holding me and shushing me when I was hurt. (Oh, what I wouldn't give to hear Mom's voice now, or have one of those confidence-building conversations with Dad.)

After our walk we came home and played with the twin neighbors, and my friend Sheryl commiserated with me. The mother of twins felt sorry for me. Yikes! She's always so good at listening to me. She went through double what I'm going through, and she survived. So I can too!

Tuesday was better, mostly because the kids slept through the night. And free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's also helped too. After naptime, another walk with a different neighbor who has four kids (that includes a set of twins too). It helped to commiserate and hear her frustrations. And after walking, more playing with neighbors. Jackson's playtime on our street is getting a little better, since it seems he's not trying to eat every single landscaping rock he picks up. Now he just likes to get the rocks and carry them around. I can handle that for now. When Dan got home, I corralled the kids on the street and we planted two tree seedlings that we got for Earth Day last week. It always feels good to start something new!

Today is Hump Day, and we had a good morning. We met my mom's group at the local rec center, and went swimming. Jackson soaked me with his joyful splashes, and Katie did so well in the water. I can't wait for our neighborhood pool to open, because she's going to enjoy herself so much! After swimming, we had a good lunch with friends and headed home just in time for nap.

I decided to be productive during naptime today. I figured it would take a load off my shoulders. I cleaned the bathroom windows, swept and mopped, and went through piles of paperwork. And, yes, it makes me feel much better! The best part is I got through my "chores" and the kids are still napping, so I am having some Alone Time and a chance to blog.

And, even better, tomorrow the kids go to Parents Day Out. But I've saved the best for last! On Sunday, Dan and I leave for Vegas with our friends Beth and Sean. Yeah, baby! Now that it's getting closer, I feel like I can finally look forward to it. For the past few months, I haven't really been thinking about it much because it just seemed so far away. But now it's so close, and I am really going to have to start thinking about what to pack!

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Hump Day my friend! Your week sounds a bit like mine...though my little 'breakdown' was on Sunday :) So, I got it out of the way early.

Glad your Wed was good...and happier for you still that Vegas is right around the are going to have a blast. Have a drink for me...and win some $$.

I've been getting hits on my blog from your, people are checking you out. Way to go bloggermommy!

Talk soon!



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