Saturday, April 12, 2008

No More Nursing!

It's official! I'm done nursing. My body can go back to being mine, and will be for the rest of my life. No more making babies, no more sustaining babies. I am officially leaving the childbearing years and entering the child-rearing years! God help me...

And all this because my brother-in-law returned from Iraq. See, the last time I finished nursing, my mom got sick and died. I know it's a silly link to make, and a large jump in logic for me to say I stopped nursing and as a result, Mom died. So that's not what I'm saying! But I am being a little superstitious in thinking that I shouldn't stop nursing Jackson until all my family is safe and accounted for. So since my brother-in-law wasn't scheduled to return from Iraq until about two weeks after Jackson's first birthday, I just decided to continue for those last two weeks - just in case.

I told my sister this, and she thinks I'm wacko. Of course. I talked to her a few days ago and asked her to please call me when her husband returned, but she refused. The nerve! :) She has this rule that two weeks before and two weeks after any deployment, her family of four holes up at home and doesn't talk to anyone and doesn't really go anywhere. So when I asked her to just call and confirm his physical return, she said no. I asked nicely, saying all I need is a quick 10 second phone call to say, "Hello. He's back. Goodbye." She again said no, and that my boobs will be the last thing on her mind when her husband returns. I called her a name. She still said no. I told her I'd blog about her witchy self. She said, "Blog away." Ugh. What a weenie! Sisters can be so exasperating.

We were out this afternoon and evening, at a birthday party and then a much-needed dinner at our friends' house. When we got home, there was a message on the machine. It was my sister. She said, "He's home. You can stop nursing. Goodbye." Yay! Glad to know I've been given the all-clear to reclaim my girls for myself! And even happier to know that our family hero has returned, safe and sound.

The bummer is I can't call my sister back to thank her, because she wouldn't answer anyway. I still have 13 days until she grants the public access to her family. I guess I'll have to send her a link to my blog. So thanks, Mary! You're still a weenie, but I love you anyway.

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