Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Nights

It's Monday night, which means I'm a "single parent." It's Dan's one night out a week, when he goes to play volleyball at his old elementary school. Since I'm a stay-at-home mom and LIVE for the moment Daddy comes home each night, his Monday night "out" makes for a very long Monday and Tuesday. I don't know how other moms do it round-the-clock without anyone else to help them. Mondays are all the taste of single parenthood that I want. I can't imagine being a military spouse and trying to raise my kids for months (or a year!) at a time, knowing there's no one else but me. My sister Mary does it, and I am in awe of her for it. Of course now she has no sympathy for me when I whine and complain about being alone. But she says she wouldn't know what to do with a husband who is around all the time. He'd drive her crazy.

On Monday nights, every once in a while it is kind of nice not having to worry about making a big dinner. And sometimes it's nice being able to put the kids to bed and have an hour or two to myself, without feeling guilty (that I'm on the computer, or making tomorrow's lunches, or any of the other things that I do which take away time from my marriage). But that one little hour or two after the kids' bedtime, before Dan gets home, is not worth it most Mondays! I miss Dan, and miss spending time with him and the kids when he gets home. Besides, he usually gets home late (10:00) and he's still wired from a good workout and not at all ready for bed. And since I hate going to bed without him, that means we're both pretty tired on Tuesdays. Ugh.

We had a great weekend, and Dan rocked the grill for the first time this season. He made awesome steaks, baked potatoes and broccoli. Our friends Beth and Sean and their boys Ryan and Liam came over to play outside in the sunny spring weather, and then had dinner with us - and brought yummy bread and to-die-for brownies with them. It was a great day, except for the part where Dan tore out some drywall in the garage and saw our termite damage (see the photo).

Yep, termites. At Christmas last year, we moved the grandfather clock in the dining room and saw some paint chipping off the wall in kind of a water-damage-looking-way. So we checked that same spot in the garage (which butts up against the dining room) and saw two small mud tunnels. Long story short, we have termites on that side of the house. We had it inspected and confirmed in January, and now need to get some other bids for termite treatment. I'm learning way more about termites than I ever wanted to know! And, man, the treatment is expensive. Yikes.

Tonight as I was getting Jackson ready for bed, I got a good look at his face in the light and noticed he must have three or four big dings on his face. He might even be getting a black eye. Poor guy! Learning to walk takes its toll on the wobbly boy! While Katie played with a friend after her Movie Night showing of "The Incredibles," I let Jackson run around in a diaper only. I love doing that, and letting all his squishy nakedness hang out. Thunder thighs are so cute on babies, not so much on mommies.

Happy Monday night. Glad it's over, and Daddy will be home to me soon.

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