Monday, April 21, 2008


Sometimes I get so caught up in my little life. It's so easy for me to live in my narrow, small world. I get frustrated with my kids one second, and I've blogged about that! And then all of a sudden I'm inspired by them and something sweet they've done. I blog about that too. My life ebbs and flows with the tide of this little family sea. A bad day for me is when I've been up three times with Jackson and two times with Katie, and then it's cold and rainy that day and I have an ear infection. Boo hoo for me. So sad, right?

Perspective, Elizabeth. Gotta get some.

Well... I just did. My sister called me today and told me about a story that 60 Minutes did on one of her and her husband's best friends, Brendan O'Connor, and his Green Beret unit. (That's him and his wife Meg in the photo, with Mary and Wally.) The 60 Minutes report aired last night, but I didn't get a chance to see it. So I watched it online just now and realized I have no earthly clue what sacrifice truly means. (You can go watch it if you like:

I know I posted last week about how grateful I am to our nation's military, but I just have to say it again: thank you. Thank you over and over.

In my myopic little world, it's easy for me to forget that our country is at war right now. My life revolves around diapers and naps and always needing to buy milk and bananas. I spend my extra time reading blogs about sewing projects and my friends' spending habits and all the other little silly things of life. Now I stop to think there are people out there right now, sacrificing their lives just so their comrades can go back home to their families.

There are no words. Just thanks, and prayers to keep them safe.

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