Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bedside Table Gifts

Last night I went up to bed and found the Mini Doodle (as opposed to the Magna Doodle) on my bedside table. Katie wrote "Mommy is sweet" on it, and put it there for me to see when I got home from a meeting. My heart filled with love for my thoughtful, kind little girl.

She does things like this for me and Dan on a regular basis. He even had a mini shrine by his side of the bed. Over a period of time, Katie had been leaving him things like one of her favorite stuffed animals, a princess snow globe, a favorite book, a photo of herself, plus numerous drawings and trinkets. Sometimes she'll earn a quarter or a dime for doing something around the house, and I'll tell her to go put it in her piggy bank. Every so often, I'll find it on my bedside table instead. She has such a generous heart, and is so eager to please us. I am such a lucky mommy!

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