Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stolen Photo UPDATE

Just wanted to give all four of you, my loyal blog readers, an update and a head's up on my friend, Danielle.

The story of her stolen photo is making national headlines. Here is the Yahoo coverage. It's been on the homepage of AOL, in local papers across the country, and also on CBS radio. She's going viral, y'all! Her website has already crashed once today. And to top it off, I just spoke with her and she's flying out tonight to be on the CBS Early Show in the morning. It's going to be on the USS Intrepid, and Lionel Richie is also performing. Ha! Can you believe it? So tune in and look for her and her family. My Tivo will be recording nonstop.

Have fun, Danielle!


CrystalW said...

Oh...I wish I would have known yesterday. I would have set my DVR to record it.

Donna said...

Isn't the internet an amazing tool. That must be such an exciting whirlwind for your friend. Isn't it just crazy that things like that happen!

scrappysue said...

so did the person who origially took the photo sell it to the grocery in the CZ or is that not relevant?

Dionna said...

Elizabeth - Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting on being able to right click and save a photo on it. I'm glad you mentioned it! It looks like the code my friend gave me only works in Internet Explorer. And here I thought I was protected! It certainly will cut down on "thieves" but I'd feel better to have protection in all browsers.

I currently have an email out to her to see if there is a way to make right-clicking on photos not allowed in all browsers not just IE.

Robin said...

Wow, maybe someone will steal my pictures.... nothing exciting every happens to me.


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