Thursday, May 28, 2009

Privacy & Stolen Pictures

Y'all have to go read this post by my friend Danielle at ExtraordinaryMommy. I am so weirded out, but also so intrigued and amazed at the coincidence that a friend saw her family's photo on the outside of a grocery store. IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC. Just crazy!

Reading some of the comments on Danielle's post got me thinking. I've already gone to my Facebook account and changed all my photo security settings (now only friends can see my photos). And I'll be considering new options for posting photos on Six Golden Coins.

I just thought I'd let y'all know about this craziness! What do you think?


CrystalW said...

That is very creepy!

Trish said...

Hi Elizabeth! Yes this picture thieving thing is very very Crazy and a bit disturbing. Thanks for sharing, I think it is so important that people know just how accessable everything on the internet is.

Anyway~ to answer your question, the song on my website is called Photograph by Jamie Cullum. It is one of his older songs. If you haven't heard of him, you should pick up his newest disc, twentysomething. It is one of my favorites for a rainy day!

Sweet Annabelle said...

This story is amazing! I read your friend's story - how funny that she found out about that - most of us would NEVER know! haha

I had a pen pal in Egypt when I was a kid! It sure would be interesting to hear from him now that we are adults.

Like your scripture - I didn't get any other scripture suggestions, so THANKS! I'll take a photo and post it when I finish that project.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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