Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to Summer!

It's official. Summer is here because school got out today. And that means my baby is now a big kid. No more Kindergarten - she's a FIRST grader. My nose wrinkled as I wrote that. Can it be true?

She has her Kindergarten diploma and she received her reading and good citizenship awards. She also brought home this gem. It's a self-portrait from the first day of Kindergarten.

Then here's a self-portrait from the last day. Can you believe the improvement? I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw it. She has learned so much and changed in so many ways.

Katie and the neighbor kids got off the bus today and I had a surprise waiting for them: a banner to welcome them to summer! They got to run through it like the tape at a race finish line.

Then we shared juice and cookies to celebrate the start of summer.

Of course, it doesn't mean we're in for a "real" summer. All the kids on our street are going to summer school this year and it starts in one week. It's more like a summer camp at school, so I don't feel too bad for them. And, hey! It's free. So why WOULDN'T I send Katie? Man, I love our school district!


Gina said...

You are the coolest mom ever! I would have never thought of a banner! AND juice and cookies, wow! And I LOVE seeing the first day/end of the year self-portraits. Our school does that too. Enjoy the summer with your kids!

Anonymous said...

That banner is the BOMB!!!! I can't believe it's summer vacation there already. We still have 10 more days. :( Your kids are LUCKY!

Donna said...

NO FAIR....we still have a week left before summer break and even I am counting down the days! That banner is such a wonderful idea....good thinking Mom

Anonymous said...
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Elizabeth said...

Our school district is year-round. We have nine weeks on and three weeks off, then I think six weeks for summer? So it's nice to be out a little earlier than other districts, but they start school again in mid-July (not summer school, which is next week and runs for four weeks). That can be a bummer in mid-July. But at Christmas and in the fall and spring, they get three weeks off. That's kind of nice, except it drives all the moms crazy in town when the kids are on cycle break for so long!

Thanks for the banner love, y'all! I have to admit that it wasn't my idea. I read it in FamilyFun magazine last summer before Katie even started school, and I've been saving it in my brain since then. I'm amazed that I even remembered it a year later! And I hope to do it every year at the end of school... or at least as long as she'll allow me until it's not cool anymore. :)

Robin said...

When Katie is too cool to run through the banner, call me! Then we can sing, "We are the champions." and drink Margaritas. Ahhh, I love summer.

scrappysue said...

i love that first photo


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