Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Recap

I think Katie had a nice sixth birthday.

It started with balloons in her room upon waking. I try to sneak in after she goes to sleep the night before and put balloons in her room to greet her in the morning. Then she wanted to lounge in her bed and read, so I let her while I did my morning workout. When Jackson's screams indicated he was ready to get up, I got him and we went into Katie's room together. Jackson was carrying his toy wooden birthday cake, and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Katie.

Breakfast was the kids' favorite meal: chocolate chip waffles. Aunt Mimi (my sister Mary) called to wish her happy birthday, and then she decided to Skype us so she could watch Katie open the presents they sent. Mary is at the beach with her in-laws (who are like a second family to me in some ways), and they all squeezed in around the laptop to watch Katie and Jackson. Can you see them in the photo? It was such a fun way to celebrate with Katie!

Then while we waited for the summer school bus, I sat with Katie and showed her our 2003 scrapbook. She got to see all the photos of her birth again. The bus came, and she was off to school. It was a field trip day to the zoo, so she was excited. I packed a cupcake in her lunch for her to enjoy too.

When Katie got off the bus, we played outside in the stifling heat until Dan arrived home. Then we loaded the sweaty kids in the car and Katie chose dinner at Red Robin. I was reminded again why we don't eat out with them very often (Jackson likes to throw food, scream loudly, and refuses to eat almost everything). The servers sang to Katie and presented her an ice cream sundae. When they found out she is six, one quipped, "Only 10 more years until she is driving!" I physically shuddered when she said that, and the mean woman laughed. No tip for you! (Just kidding.) Sorry about the photo quality - I brought the small camera and it's having focus issues.

We stopped on the way home so Katie could pick out two balloons, then opened presents in our living room at home. Katie's favorite gift was a TykeLight Jr. (She's been coveting it since we stayed at Susan's house in November!) She was thrilled with it. Yes, I know it's kind of a baby thing, but she is ONLY six. And who doesn't love a little glow in their bedroom? Katie also received a present from her friend Kaylala and Uncle Dan, and got some cool phone messages from other friends (Uncle Leo and her best friend Ryan). I think she felt so special.

Next was bath and computer game time for Katie, then bedtime. Before she went to bed, Katie asked me to rock her in our recliner again - which is what I did the night before her birthday, telling her I'd never be able to rock a five-year-old Katie again. She liked it so much that she asked me to rock her as a six-year-old. Of course, I obliged.

It was a great day, full of special reminders to Katie of how much she is loved.


Gina said...

What a fun day! I love the Tyke Lite and I don't think it's babyish at all, but I might get L one. He has a nightlight but he pulls it out, and that scares me.

I'm glad to hear L isn't the only one who displays less-than-perfect behavior at restaurants!!!

sheryl said...

and don't forget, we all sang happy birthday to her when she got off the bus..


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