Friday, June 19, 2009

In Real Life

I made a new friend today, in real life (IRL). I "met" Gina in cyberspace through Jodie's blog when we both posted about Unplugging on June 1. She commented on my blog and I visited hers, and we figured out that we live near each other. Our emails started going offline and we wrote back and forth for a bit, and finally made plans to meet IRL today at the local library. It was Outdoor Play day, and our two boys (who are only a few weeks apart in age) had lots of fun getting messy and VERY wet. They didn't play much with each other, which is to be expected at age two, but Gina and I got a chance to chat in person and I really enjoyed my short visit with her.
Gina is my first blog friend to crossover to my real life. I think that's pretty cool. Hope to see you again soon, Gina!


Gina said...

What a cute post! Thanks! I had fun too and look forward to hanging out IRL again!

Anonymous said...

That's so fun! :)


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