Sunday, June 15, 2008

What I Love About You

Three shades of freckles.
The way you hide bedtime books in your shirt.
You always do bathtime.
No complaints.
Pretzel rods, chips & salsa.
Your passion for politics and efforts in trying to educate me on them.
Dancing to "Just Another Day in Paradise" with Katie.
No matter which episodes of Friends is on, you say "This is the best one!" without fail.
Tag-teaming the kids with me.
Playing airplane with Katie.
Your stability, loyalty, kindness, work ethic, passion, strength.
You always have tears in the last scene of The Color Purple.
Your belief that I will make a million someday.
Strong arms for holding babies and for falling asleep in.
Letting the kids chase you with the oven mitts.
Your ability to fix anything.
The way you sometimes remind me of my dad.
Your voice of reason.
Never saying no to a Boy Scout, Girl Scout or lemonade stand.

You have become a new man these past five years, as I've watched you father our two kids. You've been my compass, guiding me as I make decisions as a mother. You've been my sounding board, my Kleenex, my coach and my cheerleader. Thank you.

I can only hope that our son will grow up to be like you, and our daughter will marry a man even half as wonderful to her as you are to me. I love you, Hooney!

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Anonymous said...

I know your husband is proud of you and appreciates the way you can put your thoughts into words.

Karen S


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