Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have random things running around my head right now.

Guess where I was 16 years ago? Spending my first day as a high school graduate. I realized yesterday that it's been 16 years since I graduated (6/6/1992). Good gravy! Sixteen?! Can I truly be that old? Nah. Last time I checked, I was 29. (That was when I found out I was pregnant with Katie. I haven't had time to stop and check since then!)

Katie got her hair cut on Thursday. She looks adorable now, and so much older. I'm glad we got rid of the scraggly hair. Isn't she a cutie? You gotta love her "Girls Rule" sticker, and the sweat band on her arm, and the random marker on her shoulder.
We went for the haircuts with our neighbor Sheryl and her twins. On the way home, Chris (one of the twins) piped up from the back seat, "I lost a tooth!" I'm glad I got to be a witness to one of his milestones, but have I ever mentioned how much loose teeth FREAK me out? *Shudder* For some reason, I don't like wiggly teeth. I can handle them once they've fallen out of the mouth, and can handle seeing the hole from whence they came. But the actual tooth in the mouth hanging on by a little root is enough to make me want to hurl. *Shudder again!* I have no idea what I'm going to do the first time Katie shows me a wiggly tooth. Ugh.

We have friends coming to stay with us this weekend. They used to live across the street until they had to move to Omaha four years ago. We miss them! But almost every year since they moved, they've come back to stay with us. We even went to visit them once. (Remind me sometime to tell you about their weird neighbor who goes out at night and squeaks the garage door handle at least 200 times. Seriously. Every night. Very OCD.) So they are staying with us until Tuesday. Dan and I have cleaned the house, assembled beds in the basement, and filled the fridge with good food. The one thing I didn't finish before they came to visit was catching up on my scrapbook. I got all the way through February and one day in March before I ran out of time. See, I know one of their daughters loves to see my scrapbooks whenever she visits. Oh, well. I guess she'll just have to settle for the raw photos on the computer.

So it might be a few days before I can post again. I don't want to be rude and ignore our guests, you know. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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