Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Luck

I have a few friends who have been having some bad luck these days:
D's son has been sick and in the ER. Her husband is also off on a long business trip.
I also heard M has had two sick kids, plus her husband's kidney stone, plus her own gallbladder attacks.
J's two kids have been sick, and her husband had a death in the family.
K has had two deaths in the family, her father's been in the hospital twice for a heart attack and other complications, and she's also had health issues of her own.
And Beth's had a long streak of bad luck: her husband totaled his car, burned his BBQ grill, then his cell phone and computer and weed whacker broke. They also thought they had termites, but it turned out to be just carpenter ants. (It's still a pain, though!) Today wasn't much better. Beth backed out of my driveway and right into my neighbor's car. They have this habit of parking immediately across from my driveway. This is the THIRD TIME their car has been hit by someone leaving our house. You'd think they would STOP parking there. But guess what? When I got home from the pool today, this is what I saw:
The neighbor moved his car onto his lawn. Yep. Seriously. C'mon, dude. How about you just park three feet further down the street, so you're not near my driveway? Ugh.

Anyway, lots of bad juju going around. Hang in there, my friends!

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Jen said...

That is irritating! Our neighbors park right behind our driveway too! What is wrong with people why can't they just look around them before they park their car??


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