Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Poor Baby!

We had a good visit with our friends this weekend. They left this afternoon. I hate that they came to visit, because now I miss them all over again and wish they hadn't moved away to stupid ol' Omaha. Weenies. Couldn't just stay here and be unemployed, could they?

Anyhoo... I have a photo to share of my poor sweet Katie girl. She fell flat on her pretty little face on Sunday, when we were almost home from the pool. We stopped at our garden to see if the baby bunnies that we found on Saturday were still there. See the photo from Saturday? Can you even see the bunny under the green leaf?So when she fell on Sunday, she and I were leaning over the tiny fence to look for Blister and Stripe (that's what she named the two bunnies) when she turned and her swim shoe must have caught on the block wall surrounding the garden. She fell off, directly onto her face, which hit the side of the curved rock and got her big and bad on the forehead and also under her nose. If you look closely, you can see the whole line down her poor face.
Of course, she started screaming and blood was pouring down her face. I scooped her up and ran inside screaming, "Dan! GET A TOWEL!" He took too long (a whole two seconds) and I grabbed paper towels at the sink and smashed them on her poor face. The blood stopped enough for me to see we wouldn't need stitches, but it was still pretty bad. And not only was she screaming, but Jackson was too. He saw me and wanted Momma (I'd been at the pool, away from him for a whole hour), plus anytime Katie cries or is upset he gets upset too. But at this point, I just wanted to calm Katie and make sure she was okay.

After lots of TLC and holding her and rocking her, she seemed just fine. And it's healing quickly. But I keep having instant replay in my head, and seeing her fall and crash. Ugh. I need an edit button! My poor, sweet baby!


Anonymous said...

Poor sweet girl! Love the pretty smile with the cuts! Glad she is ok and no stitches needed! See you Saturday!

Robin said...

Why does any cut on the head have to bleed so frickin much?

I am glad Katie was able to still smile after. She looks so grown up with her her shorter.


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