Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Work-Your-Camera, Days 2 and 3

I'm frustrated. Again. Because somehow, in some way, I lucked out and got some decent photos to show depth of field for Michelle's Work Your Camera contest. I'm having better luck than I did with the photos I took on Sunday, but now I can't figure out exactly HOW I got these new photos to turn out. I feel like a moron for not understanding the whole aperture and shutter speed thing better. I mean, I'm college educated. I have pretty good common sense (at least mostly). But throw in an f-stop and my brain turns blank. Ugh.

Anyway, here are some photos I took yesterday and today. The mailbox one had to be Photoshopped to erase our house number in the white paint on the pavement, but everything else in these photos is untouched.


scrappysue said...

love the train one elizabeth! don't sweat it - i do that all the time! ie take great shots and forget how i did it! and i've had my camera for over 2 years!!!

Gina said...

Girl, I don't even know what shutter speed is. I think you are doing great. I really like these today.

L4H said...

Don't go into full manual control of your camera all at once. There are two very useful "semi-auto" modes on your camera...aperture-priority and shutter-priority. For this assignment you want to use AP so as to control depth of field. DOF is nothing more than the range of stuff that is in focus in front of and behind the subject of your photo (where you placed your focus point). All you need to remember is the bigger the number (i.e. f11 vs. f5.6) the more stuff you get in focus. If you want just your subject in focus, pick a small number (i.e f3.5 or f4)...if you want lots of stuff in focus, like on a landscape, pick a big number (i.e. f8 or f11). Then just let the camera pick a shutter speed for you to go with your f-stop. As long as you're not shooting in extreme low-light situations, this should serve you pretty well right now for this project.

Good luck!


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