Monday, July 20, 2009

Macro Monday

I took these photos last night. My plan was to get a close-up of this stalk of grass/wheat thingy, then I noticed a tiny spiderweb built right on it in the curve of the stem and the grass head. This is the last shot of it before Katie so nicely tried to help by holding the stalk straight... and put her hand right in the web. Oh, well.
Then I looked down and a skeeter was getting my ankle! I shot this photo quickly, then killed him. So this is his memorial photo. RIP, skeeter! Good riddance. As Jackson would say, "Go away!" (That's become his catch phrase lately, so I have told him he can say it only to bugs. When he says it to Katie or me or whomever, I ask, "Is Katie a bug?" He says, "No. Sorry, Katie.")


Donna said...

Don't kids just make you giggle! I love your web picture....and the mosquito...I kind of feel sorry for him knowing his fate! Wait up...itchy skeeter bites..hmmm..maybe not.

Gretchen said...

Great shots! You're really loving that camera! :)


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