Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How you doin'?!

I just had to use that phrase because it's one we've taught to Jackson. Today in the car, he said his usual, "Mommy, what are you doing?" and then backtracked and said, "Mommy, how you doin'?" in the Joey-from-Friends style. So cute! He is making me laugh in so many ways these days. And I am in awe by him, because he has started using his manners without being prompted. He tells me, "Thank you, Mommy" when I get him some milk. And he says, "Excuse me" if he burps or coughs. He is so darn cute!
Anyway... how's everybody doing? It's been a quiet week for me. Literally. The day after my baptism, I lost my voice. I was down to a whisper for a few days, and probably just started getting my voice back fully yesterday. That's a whole week, y'all. Of me being quiet. Oh, so rare!

As annoying as it was for me and those listening to me, it was a good lesson for me too. For one thing, I couldn't yell at the kids. I kind of liked that, and I'm sure they did too. And since I was whispering, they would whisper back to me sometimes. It was kind of fun.

And, for another thing, I did a lot more listening last week than I usually do. I don't feel like I'm the best listener, and often wish I were better at it. I got my chance to do just that! I listened to my friends' talk about their lives a little more, I listened to my kids a little more, and I listened to God's whispers a little more too. If my throat hadn't been hurting, it might have been REALLY nice! And here's the other downside: I couldn't sing very well at church. That was a bummer!
Just as this past weekend approached and I thought I might start feeling a tad bit better, I woke on Saturday with a pinched nerve in my neck. Yeow! It was pretty painful. And it was about the same on Sunday and Monday, until I went to the chiropractor - and have been doing so every single day. It's still a bit pinched, but at least I'm able to move and pick Jackson up again. Now if I could just get this minor lupus flare to simmer down and stop attacking my hands, I'd be peachy!

There you have it: an update on my ailing, frail body. I've been joking all week that I got baptized and then the devil wanted to shut me up and put me in pain. But he didn't succeed because I found a way through it all, and the silver lining to boot! Even when my voice is silenced, I can still find words to praise the amazing ways God works in my life. Lucky me. God is good!


Gina said...

What a week! So glad you are feeling better. Thanks again for the "mommy always comes back" line. As you can see from my blog, it worked wonders.

Tranquility said...


We taught our 1 year old to do a high five, then a low five, then a five on the side, then 'slap me some skin' and then a friend just had to add 'knuckles' to the whole deal. Nothing like a 1 year old with her own special 'handshake' - haha.

BK said...

You have all taught Jackson well. This sort of reminds me of the way my sister and brother-in-law are bringing up their children too; teaching them proper manners, and taking part of chores in the house.

Donna said...

Isn't that so true. The art of listening...truly something I need to practice more of. Thanks for the reminder...and I hope your throat AND your neck are on the mend


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