Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jackson's First Theater Experience

I took Jackson to the movies for the first time today. I was a bit nervous, since he can barely sit still for a 30 minute episode of "Word World" at home. But since it was a free movie at the local theater (Does anyone else's town have free summer movies? It's so cool!), I decided to try it because I could always abort the mission and not lose money in doing so.

We saw "Space Chimps." When the lights dimmed, Jackson turned to my friend Beth and said, "Miss Beth, turn the lights on!" And after a little while, he saw a woman walking up the steps to her seat and shouted out, "My seat!" The selfish little guy was making sure she didn't take it. Throughout the movie, he kept pointing to his seat and Beth's seat, saying, "My seat. Your seat." He got a little restless near the end of the movie, but thankfully it was just over and hour long and he lasted through the entire thing.

I remember doing this same thing with Katie when she was around two. Her first movie was "Clifford's Big Movie." She surprised me, just as Jackson did today. Sometimes I underestimate my kids.


Gina said...

I took Lo to a movie last year and he did great, with the help of a dum dum given to me by the kind woman sitting next to me. I want to take him this year, but the schedule hasn't worked out with our busy days! Glad he did well.

L4H said...

All the Wehrenberg (whispering..."Wehrenberg, Wehrenberg, Wehrenberg!) theaters in the metro area are doing the free summer movies series. There's a list of the films on their website and each theater shows a different one each week. Natalie and I went every week last summer, but have missed most of them this year because of her swim lessons. It's a really cool deal.


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