Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Week's Visitors

We had visitors this past week. My sister-in-law Bonnie and her husband John came through town with their son, Jude. They were on their way to a wedding in Kansas, and stopped to spend the night with us. It was the first time we've met Jude, who just turned one in August. He is such a cutie!

We enjoyed catching up on things and sharing family gossip (which bored poor John, I'm sure), and Katie loved helping out with Jude.

Dan grilled an awesome dinner - hearts of romaine from the grill (thanks Brina and Eric!), corn on the cob and pork loin. Vegetarian John even had some falafels to enjoy, so everyone was happy!

Jackson spent the night asking Bonnie if he could play at her house (in Kentucky). "Can I go to your house?" She said yes, one day we could come play. He would cheer and get so excited, thinking we would go right now. Uh, no, buddy. Sorry.

When they left Wednesday morning, Katie cried on the way to the bus stop because she didn't want them to leave. And Jackson kept asking where they went. I kept answering, "Kansas" and that seemed to make sense to him.

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