Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dan = Intelligent

He’ll scoff when he reads this, but I truly believe my husband is one of the smartest people I know. Street smart and book smart. Part of his intelligence comes from pure desire to know things. And part of his intelligence comes from his inability to let something lie. He wants to know the why and how of things – he IS an engineer, y’all. It’s second nature to him.

Dan is a lifelong learner. I love that about him, because it means he’s always willing to grow and learn more. He’s not satisfied just to sit on his duff and accept the status quo. He wants to question and discuss. He reads the paper from cover to cover (which, I’ll admit, sometimes drives me crazy) and remembers details in ways I can’t imagine. He looks deeper, digging for the rationale behind certain motives (he still puzzles at my rationale sometimes).

There are many decisions I wait to make simply because I want to discuss them with Dan. I love having his perspective on things – he thinks things through and looks at other angles. He picks up on things I overlook, and is pragmatic in finding solutions.

He challenges me to grow more, learn more, and keep my mind sharp. I love this about him!

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