Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dan = Handsome

This post is going to earn me some choice words once Dan reads it. But I can’t talk about all the things I admire about him and leave out one of the best parts! And I tell you what: Dan gets better and better with time.

Sometimes I look at him and openly wonder, “How in the heck did I get so lucky?” He is the total package, especially in the looks department.

I’ve had other women tell me that Dan is handsome. Pride flares up in me, and then negativity because I wonder if they are thinking, “How did he end up with you?” Well, my friends, it’s because he’s so lucky. Ha!

Seriously. I look back at photos of us when we first met. Dan has always been a pretty cute guy, but I think the years have been especially good to him. He just keeps getting more handsome and, dare I say, dashing? (Oh, Lord. He’s gonna let me have it with that one!)

When he pulls in the driveway after work and parks his car, he’ll step out and I can feel his eyes zero in on me. No matter what I’m doing and no matter which child might be hanging off of me, I lock eyes with him and watch him walk over to me and feel like the luckiest woman alive. To know that HE is mine and that his arms are just waiting to enfold me is one of the most divine feelings a human can have. I thank God that He made Dan for me. And, yes, I know that for a fact.

Dan and I were supernaturally tailored for each other. As badly as I’ve tried to botch things up in the past, I somehow lucked out and still hung on to this amazingly wonderful man. He is exactly what I need in a husband, and he has ruined me for any other man. I am deeply, madly, tenaciously in love with Dan.

What a hunk. Hubba hubba!

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Anonymous said...

Dashing!!! :) LOVE IT!


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