Friday, September 4, 2009

Dan = Partner

Dan is an amazing partner. I have friends whose husbands are pretty sucky. Husbands who feel like they should be adored for changing a diaper. Or who feel like it’s beneath them to make a meal, watch the kids, or do a load of laundry. Thank you, God, for giving me a husband who works with me instead of against me.

I hope I raise my son the way Dan’s parents raised him: they obviously taught him how to respect women, participate in household chores, and share responsibilities. Dan has never shirked his duties, and we have a beautiful partnership. He mows the yard. I write thank you notes. He brings home the bacon. I buy Christmas presents. He pays the bills. I try to balance my checkbook (and then he digs me out of that hole too.)

No, seriously. I say some of those things with a little jesting, but I am also serious about how well Dan and I have divided duties and figured out how to get things done as a team. Dan is always willing to help. (I just need to be better about asking.)

Dan holds me together. He grounds me. I desperately need that in a partner. Sometimes we butt heads on how to decorate the house or our political views, but we mutually respect each other. He is my partner, and always has our “company’s” best interests in mind. He is willing to jump into the trenches of raising kids AND household management, and isn’t afraid of the dirty work. He’s my anchor. My friend and partner.

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