Monday, September 21, 2009

Lambchop III

Saturday was our annual camping adventure. We used to go on an adults-only float trip every year called Porkchop, until most of us started having kids and couldn't get sitters for an entire weekend away. So three years ago, we decided to have a "Lambchop" camping trip with our kids.

We found a campground about an hour away and everyone meets there for a night or two of camping. The first year, Jackson was just six months old and too young to camp. So we sent him home with Grandma and got to have a night of camping with Katie. Last year, we went to the campsite to play for a few hours before heading home because a big storm was rolling in. This year, the plan was for Dan and Katie to camp overnight and Jackson and I would head home at bedtime. But the rain prevailed again and cut our trip a tiny bit short.

We arrived in the late morning and let the kids play at the playground right across from our campsites. We also got to play some basketball and run through the trees. We had lunch, then those of us with little kids (who are still napping) took up residence at our tents for naptime. Jackson spent an hour banging around in the Pack & Play inside our tent, and kept calling out, "Daaaaddy! Open that door!" He never fell asleep, so I gave up and met everyone down at the river where the rest of our group was swimming and playing.

It was kind of cold for swimming, but the kids had fun splashing and playing in the rocks.

I love this picture of our nephew Adam playing with a bucket.

We hung out the river for a while, until the rain moved in and forced us back to our tents. At this point, I decided running around after a wet 2-year-old was not my idea of fun, so I loaded Jackson in the car and we drove back home. He slept most of the way, since he never got a nap. It was nice driving in a quiet car for once.

Dan and Katie stayed, and got soaked by the rain all night long. Dan said he didn't sleep one wink: the tent leaked on him, and the air mattress deflated soon after they went to bed. They came home Sunday morning, wet and dirty. The tent is now set up on our driveway in hopes of drying out before more rain hits tomorrow.

The good news is Katie says, "It was the best camping trips I ever had!" She liked playing with new friends, finding bugs (a walking stick!), eating junk (donuts and cookies for breakfast!), sleeping in a tent, and telling stories with Daddy. (Their favorite was called "The Magical Whippoorwill.")

I realize as parents, we sure go through a LOT of work to make some memories for our kids. Sometimes, it hardly seems worth it. I mean, seriously? Being rained on all night? But then the kids tell us how it was the most awesome thing ever, and it helps erase some of the misery involved. Besides, I can't wait for my kids to have to do things like this with theirs one day. Ha!


Gina said...

The Magical Whipporwhill...I LOVE it!!! :) And I gotta ask. Where did Porkchop come from??

Chris Tea said...

Thank-you for visiting my blog and for voting on my post! Yay. We like camping too. There's something about coming home all dirty and gross that is so refreshing.

Elizabeth said...

Well... my brother-in-law named the float trips "Porkchops" because of this little story he used to tell. He had a whole routine memorized (and we even had it printed on a shirt), but I'll summarize by saying a beer apparently has the same nutritional value as a pork chop.

He just started reading my blog, so maybe he'll be nice and he'll comment on this post and leave the entire text for us to read. Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Love the BUCKET HEAD shot!! ;) Nice bokeh. :)

Gretchen said...

I absolutely LOVE the bucket picture! :)

It's funny what kids will remember. We took our daughter to the drive in one night without her brother. He was sick and stayed with my parents. It RAINED through the entire movie. We couldn't hear or see a thing. Do you know she STILL talks about that 10 years later?

Chris Tea said...

Where do I comment about the love story, because I just read the whole thing. I really enjoyed it. Thank-you.


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