Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dan = Attitude

If you’ve spent any extended period of time with my husband, you’ve probably heard him say the phrase, “It’s all good.” It took me a while to figure out what that meant, and then a little more time to truly believe it.

Before I met Dan, I would have thought “It’s all good” was a lazy cop-out. Like another way of saying, “Whatever. It doesn’t really matter to me.” And that kind of apathetic attitude drives me nuts. I can’t stand people who aren’t passionate about things – anything! Just pick something!

Dan has taught me that, “It’s all good.” It’s cool, man. There are many ways to do things, not just my way. You can go your way, and I can go mine. His strength and confidence is reflected in his attitude, the foundation of which is “It’s all good.” Because he truly knows that it IS all good. Life is inherently good, and there is little that will bog him down. The details are just details. Dan focuses on the positive and keeps looking ahead.

Dan’s attitude has pulled me out of many slumps. Sometimes, I brace against his positivity because I think he should get a little more annoyed at things like I do. But then I remember, “It’s all good” and I learn to let go. He’s taught me that, and I’m still trying to soak it up every day.

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sheryl said...

It's all good = Dan, to me!! That always reminds me of him.. and I always feels like he really believes it!!


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