Friday, September 25, 2009

Postcards We've Received

We are having fun checking our mailbox each day after I posted a request for postcards here. So far, we've received postcards from Marietta GA, Jacksonville FL, Houston TX, Bangkok Thailand, Waukesha WI, and Arkansas.

Katie has learned a lot about geography. When we get a postcard in the mail, she finds the city on the map in our craft room. Then she measures how many wooden blocks it takes to get from our city to that city and then enters that information into a special notebook.

It's a fun project and I'm so thankful to our friends and family who have sent us a postcard. If you want to join in the project with us, leave a comment and I'll send you our mailing address.


Gina said...

How long will you be doing this? We'll be in Texas in about a month and I would like to take part, even though I don't LIVE there. Regardless, send me your address. I have a relative in a very cool place that I'll bet you haven't gotten yet....

Charity said...

Caleb stated, "I wonder how many blocks it took to get to Thailand"...

Elizabeth said...

So far, here are our distances:
Marietta, GA - 5
Arkansas - 3 (to the state capitol)
Ozarks - 1
Milwaukee, WI - 3.5
Bangkok, Thailand - 18
Houston, TX - 7
Jacksonville, FL - 8

We received more today that we haven't entered in our log yet: Phoenix, AZ; The Grand Canyon, and Birmingham, AL.


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