Friday, April 30, 2010

Forever Friends

What a big day for Katie!

She started the day asking some big questions during our morning pillow talk. We were talking about Mother’s Day and sending cards to her grandmother(s), and that led to questions about Nana (my stepmother). Katie wanted to know if Nana has a husband. I told her no, that she was married to Steeley (my dad) and Katie remembered that he is dead. We talked about widows and widowers, then Katie asked about heaven and what it’s like and who is there and when we might see them again. Then we moved on to the question of how you get there – by following Jesus. We talked about asking Jesus to be her Forever Friend, which is how our church phrases it in the kids’ ministry. I told her she can do it whenever she’s ready and that it’s a big step. By asking Jesus to be her Forever Friend, she is admitting her sins and thanking Jesus for taking her sins away. She asked if I’ve asked Jesus to be my Forever Friend, and I said yes. I told her I did it long ago, but then I ask Him to come into my heart again every day. I also talked about my baptism last summer, and she said she wants to get baptized too. I told her she has to wait until the end of second grade, and only then if it’s something she and Daddy and I think she’s ready to do. Then we changed subjects and that was it.

This afternoon, we were all outside after Katie got home from school. I was sitting on the driveway and Katie came to sit in a chair beside me. Out of the blue, she said, “I asked Jesus to be my Forever Friend today.” Taken by surprise, I said, “What? When?” She told me she was on the bus on the way to school and was looking out the window and said, “Jesus, please be my Forever Friend.” I smiled and got excited for her, then hugged her and told her that is such a big decision. I told her now she’s a Christian, and she asked what that means. I told her it means she is a follower of Jesus. I told her it means she’s also my sister now. Since we’re both followers of Jesus, we are sisters in Christ. At that, she squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

I had to share the news with someone (Dan was just minutes from pulling into our driveway so I wanted to wait and let Katie tell him face-to-face), so I texted a few friends. Later, my sister called and I told her. She had me tell Katie, “Jesus is my Forever Friend too” and I reminded Katie that makes Aunt Mimi a sister in Jesus too.

What a big day! What a big step for my little girl. I know she’s only six, and sin and salvation are some hard concepts to grasp, but I believe her faith and love for Jesus and her desire to be His friend. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes her. Welcome to the faith, my sweet girl!

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Emily said...

It's a good day!


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