Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning the Alphabet

Thanks to this post on Jodie’s* blog, Jackson is learning his alphabet. Finally!

I started with this tub of plastic letter tiles that I bought at Wal-Mart years ago.100_2282

We play a matching game with the tiles. I pick one out and give it to Jackson. If he knows the letter, he says it to me. If not, I tell him what the letter is. He takes it to the set of Leap Frog Fridge Phonics magnets that are on our refrigerator and searches for the letter that matches his tile. When he finds it, he puts the magnetic letter into the Fridge Phonics toy and listens to the “Every Letter Makes a Sound” song.100_2280

(Not sure what that crooked grin means.) He’s usually very proud of himself to find the matching letters and really likes to play this game. I like that it gives me a few minutes to pack lunches or tidy the kitchen while he’s distracted with the letters. Thanks for the inspiration, Jodie!

*Please keep Jodie and her daughter Parker in your prayers. They’ve been in the hospital all week due to seizures, high fever, infections and a whole host of issues. You can get updates by reading her blog.


Sharla said...

great ideas. I actually have those same letter tiles I bought at Wal-mart years ago and have been meaning to pull them out for my son. I love the idea of matching the letters.
Thanks so much for sharing!
I'll have to link this idea when I share more ABC's ;) you are right- great minds think alike. I hope Jodi is doing o.k. :)

Gina said...

Once he knows his letters, buy him the Leap Frog Letter Factory video from WalMart. Logan knows all the sounds the letters make from that video!


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