Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Cantaloupe Thief

Early this morning, someone snuck into the kitchen and absconded with an entire, whole cantaloupe. The thief made a clean getaway. There were no fingerprints, no DNA samples, no tire tracks from a getaway car.Cantaloupes

Then I heard it. Or, rather, I heard him. Snickering from somewhere in the house. “Aha!” I thought. The thief must still be on the premises!

I crept around the house, checking behind the couch for the thief. Nope. I checked in the pantry. Nope. I checked in the hall closet. Nope. I could hear him, now giggling with glee to have hidden himself away so well.

I honed in on the noise and FINALLY! I found him!IMGP6543

Little Jackson, the Cantaloupe Thief! Hiding in the kitchen cabinet!

I laughed then found the camera. All was well, and the cantaloupe was safe again. Until the Thief decided to use it as a ball and bounce it on the kitchen floor. *Groan!*

1 comment:

Terri said...

My baby Luke,now 19, did this very thing with strawberries!! Thanks for the sweet reminder.


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