Saturday, April 10, 2010

13.1 Jitters

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a week. My sister and two nieces just left Thursday night, and now I’m focused on one single, solitary thing that is happening tomorrow: my second half  marathon. I promise after all this chaos has settled down, I’ll post about the incredible two weeks I’ve had. But until then, I would love your prayers!

The Go St. Louis race is tomorrow morning. I feel very unprepared, because my last race in September was so different. I trained regularly and had three others walking with me during the race. This time, I’m going solo. The friends I was planning to walk with had scheduling conflicts, injuries, or decided to run instead of walk. (And you know I DON’T run. Yet.) So it’s just me, by my lonesome. I’m hoping my winning personality (ha!) will help me make a stranger into a friend tomorrow, and I’ll find someone to tag along with at the race. If not, there’s always my iPod.

Joe, my coach from the last race, suggested I work on an affirmation ritual. For his big races, Coach Joe writes an “I Am” list. I took his advice and did the same thing. I wrote a title down, “I am…” and then wrote a list of words that described the current me or the me I want to be in the very near future. Then from that list, I chose some words and used henna to write them on my arm.IMGP5881
I chose “yours” because above all else, I am God’s. I often repeat “I am Yours” to myself in prayer or in a song I love.

I chose “living water” and “thirsty” to remind me of the big reason I’m doing the race: to benefit Living Water International. Some people walk 3 hours EVERY DAY to get dirty drinking water. And I’m walking for FUN. I want to keep my focus on true sacrifice, not just Sunday morning 13.1 mile strolls.IMGP5884
I chose “loved” because I am loved. By my husband, kids, extended family, friends, but mostly God.

I chose “alive” because no matter what pain or obstacle might present itself to me, I am ALIVE. And that is so very good!

I chose “strong” because I have weathered a lot and come through it more whole and strong than I ever thought possible. When the going gets tough during tomorrow’s race (oh, around the ten mile mark!), I will remind myself that I am strong and I am a survivor.IMGP5882

Of course, I also doodled some other fun designs with the henna. Gotta have some decoration to look at, right? I think I’ll add “13.1” after the race is finished, to get me through the aches and pains that will set in tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck, and please pray for me!


Gina said...

Maybe next year I will walk with you. Especially if you paint my arm like that! I love it!

Terri said...

I love the arm idea! What a wonderful action! I may have to do my arm tomorrow just because!
I will remember you in prayer tomorrow. May you have fun, make new friends, and receive all the blessings you so deserve.
Much love,
Terri Baker


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