Monday, April 12, 2010


Just wanted to give y’all a little heads up. I changed the comment process a bit for my blog, to try and weed out some random Japanese comments I keep getting. I’m sorry if this makes commenting a little harder for you, but please don’t stop commenting!!! You have NO IDEA how much I love comments on my blog, so please PLEASE keep up the chatter.


DivaKnowsBest said...

ur blog is pretty good its ok:)

scrappysue said...

the same thing happened to me elizabeth! on the same random post from last year! such a pain - i understand!

Cindy said...

I love the idea! When Adam was that age he would've loved this gift!

The most popular station at the Art Experience is the 'Make It and Take It' room where folks get to use a variety of supplies to make what they want.

This gift shows you cared enough to spend some time and thought on it.


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