Friday, April 30, 2010

Katie’s Doll Closet

I worked on a project for Katie today. I started with this old shoebox.100_2284

I used these tools to poke holes and cut the dowel.100_2283

Then I threaded the dowel through the holes to make a rod for hangers inside.100_2285

I bought tiny little doll hangers at Michael’s and used some miniature clothespins to attach doll clothes to them. Katie came home from school and was so excited to see the new closet. She decided to stay inside and work on organizing her doll, Alexis’, bed and closet before joining me and Jackson outside later. I’m thinking later she can decorate it with contact paper or stickers and maybe a latch to keep the closet door closed. I might even add some wooden balls to the bottom to elevate the closet and make it a bit more fancy.

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Gina said...

Fun! How'd you come up with that?


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